Saturday, April 9, 2011


Stumbleupon has taken over my life. Now instead of cleaning and organizing and decorating... I sit and stumble and ooh and ahh over beautiful photos, amazing designs and cute baby animals. FOREVER AND EVER. Like this from notmartha found via moredesignplease.

I WANT I NEED I MUST MAKE!! Not sure I have the ingredients, or the cooking utensils, or the precious little bowls and matching plates... which just means I need to buy them. Naturally. I mean, sure sure we're on a budget, and I probably wont right NOW. But I mean clearly this needs to be made. By me. I'll be the amazing super great cook to make this. And everyone will bow to my awesomeness. DONE.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitchen Bureau Curtains

Ah. It's been a while. That's all I'll say about that. Maybe more later. Currently I am living in a pretty spacious one bedroom in Watertown with my Boyfriend and my two cats, working at a wholesale produce distributor and getting obsessed with interior decorating. The intellectual inside me (shut up shut up, I do to have a small tiny intellectual side!) will connect my need to decorate my surroundings to my family always moving around when I was a kid... but now that I'm no longer living in dorms or with roommates... I'm obsessed. Our apartment is kind of oddly designed, with one tiny window in a nook in our living room, a triangular shower and 2004 Special Edition Hustlers hidden on top of our ugly wooden kitchen cabinets. One of the main "Oh what the f*ck?" things about our apartment was definitely the bureau in the kitchen closet. This is it: