Well hello there! I'm Masha. I was born in Moscow and moved to the wonderful state of Massachusetts when I was five. Since then I've lived all around the state, as well as abroad in Africa and Russia. After spending a few years being a Communications Major at Umass Amherst I moved to Watertown, MA where I now reside with my wonderful boyfriend Mike and my two teen cats, Rex and Grisha.

Mike and I, May 2011.


Three years old equals teenager in cat years. Very classy, quite smart and very vocal. Talks back way too much and therefore is often grounded. Doesn't listen to me. Is obsessed with Mike. Climbs on tables even though he knows its NOT ALLOWED and only Russian cursing can scare him off.

(aka CAT)

Dumb. So so dumb. But so so adorable. Is still a kitten baby to me. Will lose you if you disappear from view, runs into walls and is constantly chirping questions. Can't stand it when Rex is ignoring him so he follow him around and bites him often. Definitely the Instigator. 

  We rent a pretty cozy one bedroom on the third floor (the attic) of a very cute house and are enjoying making it our home... something that's easier said than done. How do you make a rental (a more or less temporary) place feel like a cheery permanent home? Especially when the kitchen cabinets are such an ugly wood...

I tend to ramble. This blog is meant to chronicle our interior design adventures, as well as: my random obsessions, crafting crusades and my old lady crocheting habit.