Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amusement at the Park

I have a mild obsession with Amusement Parks. I love them. It doesn't even matter if I can't go on the rides, just being there, hearing the screams, the laughter, and even those fucking annoying kids who wont stop sobbing about something... I love it. Ok well maybe not the kids because honestly it's like shut up. Shut up. You are cute, but you look like a little demon monster. Thus taking away your cuteness.... which is all you got working for you. Your chances of being left in the Amusement Park while your parents go treat themselves to frivolous material things has just greatly increased.

Monday, July 21, 2008

This is ittt

I think this weekend was the closest I've ever come in recent years to recapturing the magic that was my childhood at the Dacha. I think it was when we were walking to the store in the pouring rain, tipsy off of beer and happiness and Dima ran and jumped into a muddy puddle spraying us with mud that I was like "Yeah. This is it".

I slipped and fell off the roof. I went skinny dipping. Boys fought over who would help me put my boots on. I came home at 9 in the morning. It was amazing. I'm bruised, still partially hung over and am still being scolded by my mother. I'm so happy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Productivity -> Hampered by Hotness

I'm talking about the heat and my own personal hott-ness. Vain? Yes, terribly. But come on, I look so good! I lost some more weight I think, and I got tan, and my stomach looks tight! Ch-ch-check it out! How did I accomplish this? Well. I'm sick of Russian food. I walk around a lot, and I have intense water fights with the neighborhood kids and apparently there's a shit ton of cardio in surprise sneak attacks.

Monday, July 14, 2008

That Bridge Again

Everyone who visits me in Karmanovo has to climb the bridge. It's tradition. Of course since I've climbed this bridge so many times now I get sort of bored. This time was a little more interesting because a train came right before we got to it, so we had to run for it. Well I ran for it. Mike was a pussy and just got off the tracks into the field. I ran for the bridge and made it just in time. I'm pretty bad ass. Then we climbed on top and gang signs were thrown. Yeah. I know. Shut up. I get bored.

In retrospect Mike never even lived in Western Mass so I don't know why I kept trying to make him make the gang signs for it. Though come on, he lived in Brookline for mad long, if he was going to claim a "hood" that should be it. What the hell does VA stand for anyways? Is that even a real place. I bet it stands for like Vagina Army or something equally stupid.

Sasha's Kitten

I know it's been a while, but with school and everything I've been pretty busy. I've crocheted some stuff, but really nothing to post about. This is a kitten I made for my cousin Sasha upon request. The link to the pattern is here

I sort of had trouble sewing the eyes, I don't have any buttons here (I'm in Moscow for the summer) and while I'm sure I can buy some somewhere, I've been trying to get better at sewing. Over all it was a pretty easy pattern, I recommend it.

Mike Visited Me in Karmanovo

Mike visited, it was pretty fun. We got soaked running to the train in the rain, only to arrive and realize that it hadn't rained in Karmanovo. It never actually ended up raining. This guy on the train asked me if Mike was my husband. I know I talk about this a lot, but it amazes me how early people get married here. Not my boyfriend. not my brother, my husband. Right away. Then again in the grocery store. No no, he's just a friend. Oh so your boyfriend? No MAN, he is JUST a friend.... I'm going to throw these potatoes at you.

Immediately upon arrival I was given 40 bucks to spend on beer for us. Beer that we proceeded to drink in a day. Yeah. You heard right. 40 dollars worth of beer, finished in a day. Don't underestimate us. Mike met his target audience, aka the kids, I realized I had the weirdest fucking laugh ever. WHY has no one told me this?! I mean I know all about my weird voice and how yes I sort of have an accent sometimes... but the laugh?! I sound like a deranged clown. Why has no one shot me through the heart or punched me in the face in terror?! Or do you just all talk about it behind my back and throw me pity looks when I'm not looking. I bet you do. The kids at least are slightly honest about it. I laugh and they laugh at me. Why has no one told me?!

We actually had a bunch of fun with the kids. We went bike riding, and fishing and to the canal. It was pretty beast. The bike riding was especially extreme since I had to take Georges bike and George rode on the back of Mikes. I mean not to be an attention whore about it or anything, cuz yeah I think George had the most uncomfortable seat in the house... but have you ever ridden on a bike when the seat was so low it constantly felt like you were biking up hill? Cuz I have. Yeah. Then I took it to the next level and made a movie. I even used the word eXtreme in it. I DO want a medal, thanks. A shiny gold star will also do. A round of applause would be great (but only the kind where you clap your hands in a circle, the other types aren't as cool).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Officially A Grandmother?

I think I qualify. All I do is cook, crochet and play with kittens. Oh and dream about the days gone by when I used to get laid. I refer to that time as "The Golden Months".

The Cooking:

The Crochet:

(oh STOP it!)

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

The Kittens:

There are no pictures of me not getting laid. Sorry. Also I'm sorry if the crochet kitty was creepy because it has no eyes. I hate sewing on eyes. They always come out crooked and weird. My sewing isn't up to par with my crochet yet. I can tie AWESOME knots though. Without even trying. I'm really talented in that department.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bells at Novodevichy Convent

This is right next to my house actually, so I hear this every day. Nevertheless I still have not figured out when or why these bells ring. Pretty though, right?

It's been raining oh so hard

This is what it sounds like outside my window. It's been raining like this for several days now. It comes in bursts. Heavy heavy rain, ominous thunder and then, in an hour to sometimes just several minutes, the sun comes out and twinkles at you, denying there ever was a mini monsoon outside your window.

I don't necessarily mind the rain too much. It's cozy to listen to it thundering outside my window. It makes me even more lonely though, because all I want to do is do cozy cuddly things. Like crochet, watch videos, cook and cuddle. Basically I become a grandmother. True Dat!

Isn't it loud?