Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amusement at the Park

I have a mild obsession with Amusement Parks. I love them. It doesn't even matter if I can't go on the rides, just being there, hearing the screams, the laughter, and even those fucking annoying kids who wont stop sobbing about something... I love it. Ok well maybe not the kids because honestly it's like shut up. Shut up. You are cute, but you look like a little demon monster. Thus taking away your cuteness.... which is all you got working for you. Your chances of being left in the Amusement Park while your parents go treat themselves to frivolous material things has just greatly increased.


I really want to take my little brother here. Now, HE wouldn't be one of those kids. My little brother is pretty bad ass. I mean he gets scared of the rides, but he goes on them anyways, which is more than I can say for a lot of my guy friends. I remember this one time, Tia, Jack, Richie, Aaron and I went to Six Flags for the day, and sure they rode the Superman ride a billion times with no fear but when it came to that scary Elevator of Doom ride, nuh uh no go. You know the one, where you sit with your legs hanging out and they raise you really high and drop you?! And you get that sensation in your belly, the same one you get when you're nervous or flirting with someone you really really like. It's a great ride. None of the guys would go with us. I think I finally convinced Aaron to go after using the "If you REALLY cared for me, you'd go!". It was low of me, I admit. I'm SORRY!! I just knew he would enjoy it... and he DID. Even though he refused to go on it again, I know deep in his heart he totally enjoyed it. That was a really great day actually. It was a really weird combination of sunny with short patches of rain, which basically equaled a very low attendance. Yet all the rides were open and we got that Speed Pass so we never had to wait.

I remember this one time when I was a kid and I went with my family to the Six Flags in New Jersey or somewhere over there, and I was too short to go on the big roller coaster but my Dad lifted me by the pants so it seemed like I was taller than that ruler. The attendant didn't even notice that my feet were just brushing the ground. I really really wish he had. I almost fell out of that fucking thing. I mean I love roller coasters but I remember that terrifying ride to this day. I mean I got nervous when we just touched off and started climbing up because I slid down like a foot into the seat the moment it slanted. My slight discomfort gave away to absolute terror when we went over the crest and dropped down, because I realized that I could EASILY slide out of the big plastic thing that was supposed to be holding me in. How did I realize this? Well when I was about three quarters out and had only one arm through the arm hole holding on to the handle. Yeah that sort of gave it away. I don't know what was worse, having to hold on super tight when we went upside down for fear of falling out, or the pain of my head ricocheting between the plastic U that was supposed to hold me down. Every tight turn, BANG! It was a symphony of pain.

Taught me the importance of those rulers though. Apparently they aren't put there by mean people who want to ruin your fun. I wish I could have found that out in a different way though. Possibly by hearing a cautionary tale of some sort. I wandered around this park for a while. I'd name it but it has like a billion names. It might be Park Pobedy. Or it might be Gorky Park. I think Park Pobedy is the name of the Metro station next to it, but fuck, who cares. It was great. I remember coming here with Arisha, and her refusing to go on any of the scary rides because it would mess up her hair/outfit/general attitude. I also remember coming here with Dima and being bought ice cream cones and wandering around. I like the music they play by the fountain. It seems almost somehow patriotic to me.

Total Video overload right now, I know. It's just well, sometimes I can't get the pics to come out like it really is. I think the carousel is absolutely gorgeous, the horses charming, and just over all the entire park was ridiculously nice. The photos look washed out a bit though, because it was so sunny, and anyways they can't capture the music, the atmosphere or the smells. Not that the video can capture the smells... I'm just going to stop. Right. Now.