Monday, July 14, 2008

Mike Visited Me in Karmanovo

Mike visited, it was pretty fun. We got soaked running to the train in the rain, only to arrive and realize that it hadn't rained in Karmanovo. It never actually ended up raining. This guy on the train asked me if Mike was my husband. I know I talk about this a lot, but it amazes me how early people get married here. Not my boyfriend. not my brother, my husband. Right away. Then again in the grocery store. No no, he's just a friend. Oh so your boyfriend? No MAN, he is JUST a friend.... I'm going to throw these potatoes at you.

Immediately upon arrival I was given 40 bucks to spend on beer for us. Beer that we proceeded to drink in a day. Yeah. You heard right. 40 dollars worth of beer, finished in a day. Don't underestimate us. Mike met his target audience, aka the kids, I realized I had the weirdest fucking laugh ever. WHY has no one told me this?! I mean I know all about my weird voice and how yes I sort of have an accent sometimes... but the laugh?! I sound like a deranged clown. Why has no one shot me through the heart or punched me in the face in terror?! Or do you just all talk about it behind my back and throw me pity looks when I'm not looking. I bet you do. The kids at least are slightly honest about it. I laugh and they laugh at me. Why has no one told me?!

We actually had a bunch of fun with the kids. We went bike riding, and fishing and to the canal. It was pretty beast. The bike riding was especially extreme since I had to take Georges bike and George rode on the back of Mikes. I mean not to be an attention whore about it or anything, cuz yeah I think George had the most uncomfortable seat in the house... but have you ever ridden on a bike when the seat was so low it constantly felt like you were biking up hill? Cuz I have. Yeah. Then I took it to the next level and made a movie. I even used the word eXtreme in it. I DO want a medal, thanks. A shiny gold star will also do. A round of applause would be great (but only the kind where you clap your hands in a circle, the other types aren't as cool).