Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am so lazy. So so very lazy. I am finally back to having Wednesdays off and its amazing... except for the heart crushing feeling that I'm going to waste every single one being unproductive and silly. I could have gone to the beach! I could have gotten a tan! I could have walked along the Charles river taking photos of pretty birds! I could have made something! I could have written a blog about making something! Instead I creeped around the internet for a while, lusting over random interior design blogs and crafty diy projects and then this is a short list of what I did.

1. Watch random music videos that have come out. 
2. Dance horribly for about 25 minutes until I catch a glimpse of myself dancing in the mirror.
3. Feel bad for myself.
4. Convince myself that its an evil fat mirror that used to be a wardrobe mirror so it basically doesn't count as a true reflection and in real life I'm probably AT LEAST 10 pounds lighter.
5. Dance for 5 more minutes in a subdued manner.
6. Talk to my Aunt about sex.
7. Clean the Kitchen!!!!
8. Give up on cleaning the kitchen because its hot and smells and I broke a nail.
9. Feel bad for myself and my nail. 
10. Load the broken dishwasher.
11. Pray for it to work.
12. Wipe down the kitchen so it at least looks like I did something.
13. Go back to creeping random blogs on the internet. 

I AM A HERO. But at least I've realized that my kitchen is slowly coming together and starting to look quite nice, and barely like its a rental kitchen.