Monday, December 10, 2007

So I am being quite crafty lately

Unfortunately a part of my craftiness I cannot share with you because it is part of a Secret Santa Exchange. Also its not completely done. But I wish I could share it because I am soooo excited about it. Have you ever had that feeling of realizing you are good at something? Like you didn't know you were good at it, and you try it, and maybe you aren't the most amazing at it, but you are just really really really NOT bad at it? Well its a pretty good feeling. Feels nice. Sort of balances out that bad feeling I have about not knowing fractions.

Another part of my craftiness has to do with cooking because basically now I cook like woah. Ever since I realized cooking from scratch is cheaper and better tasting than buying prepackaged foods. Like the mushrooms I bought. I bought 2 boxes of white mushrooms for like less than 5 bucks (they were on sale), and a little bag of shitake mushrooms for like 2 bucks and have been making mushroom soups and mushroom sauces like I am the mushroom queen of Amherst. The Queen of Edible Non-Hallucinogenic Mushrooms of Amherst. No other variation of that title can I claim. Unfortunately.

So I tried my hand at making mushroom sauce today because I was finally getting low on mushrooms (after a week and a half and two batches of mushroom soup). I sort of winged it a bit from the recipe. Mainly because I wanted it to be creamy enough to pour over the Fettucini I was making, but yet more gravy-ish then the Mushroom soup I had previously made.

I chopped up half an onion, two cloves of garlic, and fried them together with 3 tablespoons of butter. It looked so pretty and yellow in the saucepan.

Then I added the chopped up mushrooms, fried that all up together. Then I added two tablespoons of flour, and some half and half (though the original recipe I was trying to base my creation on called for milk. But I didn't have any milk which I thought was really stupid of the recipe not to know). Seasoned it, added some sweet basil (probably the only part of my whole concoction that followed the original recipe) and Viola!

Mushroom sauce!


Yummy Spaghetti!



Well dinner plus apple juice. Yummmmmmmm. I'm pretty proud of this. This took less than half an hour and I only used like the bare minimum of utensils and pots, so cooking time combined with cleaning up time was under an hour. Go me!