Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ugh Drunk College Boys

... being loud and drunk under my window certainly destroy my calm and pleasant mood. I feel like I might have even had the possibility of being quaint and precious and sweet without being annoying or fake. Sort of like Posie. In fact I am so absorbed in her pretty, joyful and colorful world that mine is beginning to be quite gray. And lacking any adorable puppies. Well now that you know my obsession you are probably going to mock me for any changes I make to the format of my blog. Just like when my roomie Suzie totally called me out for dyeing my hair brown to look like Rorie Gilmore. I was quite ashamed, but now feel even more foolish for not trying to lie and say it was to color my fading purple hair. Because I did have fading purple hair. Because I was Leela from Futurama that Halloween. Because I am bad ass. Here is me when I just sprayed it with temporary purple hair spray.Unfortunately it rained on Hampshire Halloween that year (just like this year) and it sort of looked horrid. Also quite old lady looking. Well maybe not in this photo. But in the photo where it does very white and purple and scary.... well I look all scary and white and not good and purple.

So instead lets look at this photo where I look all bad ass. Or this one where I look EVEN MORE bad ass. Its true. Look. I look positively Gangsta.

Ugh my bf just looked over my shoulder and started getting up all in my grill in the annoying way. Meh meh bleh what does all this have to do with crafts. Meh bleh bleh... it isn't THEMED. GOD. Totally has to ruin my mood. He is sort of right. I mean I meant to write about the soup and dessert I made tonight. Because thats crafty. I can write the recipes and they are sort of like patterns. Ok But one last photo because it shows me after I dyed my hair a more semi-permanent shade. Ok now this isn't just some totally random ADD blog, now it totally has a flow. A cohesion. Its basically a haiku. Tmrw I will post the food photos and recipes.