Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitchen Bureau Curtains

Ah. It's been a while. That's all I'll say about that. Maybe more later. Currently I am living in a pretty spacious one bedroom in Watertown with my Boyfriend and my two cats, working at a wholesale produce distributor and getting obsessed with interior decorating. The intellectual inside me (shut up shut up, I do to have a small tiny intellectual side!) will connect my need to decorate my surroundings to my family always moving around when I was a kid... but now that I'm no longer living in dorms or with roommates... I'm obsessed. Our apartment is kind of oddly designed, with one tiny window in a nook in our living room, a triangular shower and 2004 Special Edition Hustlers hidden on top of our ugly wooden kitchen cabinets. One of the main "Oh what the f*ck?" things about our apartment was definitely the bureau in the kitchen closet. This is it:


I will admit, the litter box was not there when we moved in... and I just totally noticed that Rex has used it and I have uploaded a photo of what is essentially a used cat lavatory. I apologize. So anyways, as I was saying... the litter box was NOT there when we moved in. And neither were the drawers. This was it. The litter box is practically an improvement. So we lived like this for a few months. I can be the worlds laziest Crafter, so its ugliness alone is not what prompted the making of the kitchen bureau curtains. Nope, nope. As you can see, since I took this photo only after I already started hanging up the curtains (I'm good like that), is that the inside of the curtains have a liner (that's the blue thing). More specifically, a shower curtain liner. And that is, you will be both delighted and fascinated to find out, because my cat Rex has the most epic smelliest poops ever. 

In the world. 

You could be sitting in the living room, innocently watching a movie and you hear him kinda scratching around in the kitchen and then 3 seconds later it hits you and your eyes tear up and the gagging starts. It's bad. Usual reactions are "Ohmygod, I can't breath", "Ohjesuschrist what is that?" and "Need. Fresh. Air. Must. Leave. Immediately". Oh and of course the classic, "What in gods name do you feed him?!". Rex's poops smells like I imagine an alcoholic babies would. It also doesn't help that he doesn't really fully know how to cover them with cat litter and instead will act out the poop covering motion on anything BUT the cat litter. Such as the wall, the floor, the air. My other cat, Grisha.

So I made this:

Ehh? Ehhh? Pretty nice, huh? Yes. Yes I am much too proud of my curtains but they actually DO make my kitchen closet look less horrible. SO SO much less horrible. And they do block the smell some what, or at least they slow down the rate at which it spreads through the apartment, giving the elderly and young children time to escape.

They're made out of Waverly fabric I think my grandmother gave me many years ago, some grommets I had left over from a different project and an extra shower curtain I had bought on sale from Target for like $0.99. Over all this project cost me about a dollar. So yay!

Of course it took Rex a bit to figure out how to get inside. And he's the smart one out of my two cats.