Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Tea Wallet!

I was brainstorming things I could make for my roommate Irene for Christmas, since we're exchanging gifts when we get back to school, when I saw this post on Craftster which then lead me to THIS tutorial. Small hint btw, you have to scroll down some. Well I know Irene likes tea, she is super busy and this didn't seem too complicated to make for a beginner sewer so VIOLA! A Tea Wallet was born. I followed the directions some, but also winged it a lot but I think it didn't come out half bad. I used the same pink fabric as from my crochet hook case, but I actually bought a different hounds tooth fabric since I ran out of the other one. I didn't choose the same combo because I'm cheap, I just really think she'd like the color combination. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

It needs a button, I am aware. But I didn't (and still don't) have one. Also the button is going to have to be on the wrong side since I messed up a bit and attached the loop on the wrong side. I know this may sound stupid but the whole " stitching the right sides together and then turning them inside out" thing baffles me. Well not when its simple like that, but when I also want to add a loop, or ruffles... I get stuck. When I first tried to attach the loop, I attached it in such a way that when I turned the wallet right side out, the loop was no where to be seen. I am so talented. I didn't mind redoing it though because I was using my best friend Tia's super tricked out sewing machine and it was SO much fun.

My sewing machine almost literally bites. The foot pedal is super super sensitive and if I want it to go slowly I have to touch it with just my pinky. Anymore pressure and it starts going to fast that by the time I get my foot off its sewed a really wavy line across my project and some of my sleeve. Terrifying. That's why the seams on the apron I made later (on my own machine) are so crooked. I tried people! I tried SO HARD. But I'm saving up money for a sewing machine of my own so that I don't have to use my grandmothers anymore. I found a few reasonably priced sewing machines with the functions I want. Basically I just wanted a machine that has a button that you can press to sew. Like Tia's machine did. I still lust after that function. Also a speed control is very needed. We'll see, we'll see.