Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pretty Pretty Apron (w/link to Pattern)

This apron nearly killed me. Not because it was difficult to make (though I hate hate hate my grandmothers sewing machine with a passion now) but because my mother kept giving me helpful hints that would just confuse me and have me sitting on the floor looking at all the pieces for hours having no idea what she was talking about. Finally when i decided to ignore her, it started coming together quite nicely. I used this Craftster tutorial, though I tried to make it even cooler by adding a top... then that didn't quite come out so I left just the skirt.

I am fully aware this is not a really flattering photo and that my breasts look about the size of my head but I wanted to show where it fit on the body. I have no idea why my mother isn't capable of taking a photograph without: A) me looking terrible, B) making some wildly amusing joke concerning my breasts or C) forgetting where the Zoom and/or Shutter Button is. Anyways I actually found a bunch of awesome Apron patterns online that I am going to try out, I think these are pretty good projects for beginners. I made this one for my roommate Allie for Christmas, I think the colors will really suit her.