Monday, February 4, 2008

Georges Dragon

Yes I think its pretty much official that my little brother is dragon obsessed. I made this over a month ago, but I haven't had a chance to post it up because life has been very hectic lately. I used a modified version of THIS dragon pattern. Once I realized it was all a matter of increasing and decreasing in certain areas I started winging it. Which may explain why my dragon looks slightly like a seahorse.

I would also recommend NOT asking picky six-year old boys their opinion or input. Right away they demand something impossible like "Can you make it breath actual fire?". Um. No. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! I wish I could. Jeez. Also George wanted me to attach the wings in a way that I didn't really understand so I just attached them the normal way and when he saw the dragon he burst into tears and asked me why I messed up the wings. Hmph. This was after I had spent like two days working on it with him looking over my shoulder and being all like "Why isn't it done yet? Why are you eating instead of working on my dragon? Where are you going, you need to stay home and work on my dragon!". SHEESH. I threatened to take the dragon and then he was all like "NO! This is the best dragon ever! Thank you my wonderful sister, you are beautiful as well as talented...". Well I wish he said that. No but he did thank me and about five minutes later demanded a companion for his new friend.

I also left the embroidering of the eyes and so on to my mother, so this really isn't the finished dragon, but now that I am back at school I do not know when I'll have new photos of it. So here it is.