Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cabled Ear Flap Hat -> aka I have the flu

I have crocheted hats for like a billion people but couldn't for the life of me crochet myself a hat... or scarf for that matter. I'm too picky, I get caught in these existentialist struggles concerning my identity and how it will be reflected by the hat/scarf I choose to make for myself. I know thats absolutely ridiculous yet I find it SO much easier to make stuff for other people. Finally though I stumbled across Rheatheylia's free pattern for a cabled hat on her blog and was totally inspired to make my own. I used Caron Simply Soft in silver for the hat, and it came out really nice, like the yarn wasn't too heavy, it was soft and stretchy... basically perfect. I lined it with black fleece because the hat was a bit drafty due to the cab
ling. I was hoping to have it finished in time to ward off the flu thats been going around... alas I was too late. I finished the hat last night while watching lectures and this morning I went to the health center and was diagnosed with the flu. Dammit!

I guess I have time to make an accompanying scarf... though I'm really having trouble picking out a pattern. I'm experimenting with some of my own original ideas... I think I want the scarf to have a braided rope-y look, reminiscent of the braided cords on the ear flaps. What do you think?