Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My mother won't stop commenting on my blog title. I can tell we are really going to get close these next couple of months. Whether I like it or not. No mom, no my friends know there are no bears in Moscow. Yes yes it IS a bustling city, and there is much commerce (I am almost positive that she doesn't actually know what this word means but has heard it used in a similar context). Yes I'll be sure to mention how there are not that many bears in the city... What the fuck? not MANY bears? why the fuck are there bears? WHAT?!? Circuses... ok. The Zoo... ok. What do you mean Museums? Oh dead ones... ok. WHAT DO YOU MEAN STREET PERFORMERS?!?! Oh dear god just please go get me some grapes, I have no idea what you are talking about. Thank you.

Toy Story is on in the background and its that scene where Buzz and Woody are meeting all the deformed toys in that bad boys room and my little brother is scared. This means he is no longer jumping up and down on the couch but has his arms wrapped around my neck and is whimpering. Fucking Adorable. I had to add the fucking because my lil bro is bad ass ALWAYS. Oh ok so it's a different scene now and I am no longer Fearless Defender against Scary Movie Scenes but Head Lego Constructer (...of the universe I hope). I've missed this. It's true.

Ok I have to go fulfill my sisterly duties and construct a Lego truck for George. I will be on later. I don't think I'm going to go anywhere tonight. Well except maybe the blues bar that is ACROSS THE STREET.