Wednesday, May 18, 2011


While organizing the many many interior design photos that live on my desktop I have realized that I might be slightly obsessed with tufts. Alright. More than slightly. I've saved photos that have merely a glimpse of tufts in them.

Such as this:

It is an adorable living room with beautiful decorations and lighting... but its the tufted chair. The one whose tufts are obscured by a santa hat and a pillow. I can only make out about four tufts but I was sold. Immediately. That's how deep my love for tufted ANYTHING is. I mean, I know I have already proclaimed my desire for a tufted headboard... But I have also realized another dream of mine is to own a tufted ottoman. I have come to this realization afte
r discovering over TWENTY different photos of various tufted ottomans. Haha I don't think I've ever come to a realization about myself in quite such a manner. I'm a little embarrassed, truth be told and my only comfort will come from making you just as obsessed with tufted ottomans as I, apparently, am.

Tufted chaise lounges are pretty amazing as well.

I think what I love so much about tufted furniture in general is that it looks very luxurious and chic yet is so very versatile. The tufts somehow manage to make furniture look plusher and softer while enhancing its shape and structure. It brings sophistication to a room without bring the stuffiness. I MUST TUFT EVERYTHING. The tufting monster has awakened.

Thankfully there are enough tutorials online to not only instruct me in the art of tufting... but also to tame the tufting monster inside me by showing me what a b***ch it would be. Though actually it doesn't look THAT difficult.

Modhomeecteacher on wrote a great DIY post on Mock Tufting. GREAT. So great that its convinced me that I could mock tuft my couch. Now if only it would convince Mike to let me Mock Tuft the couch.

On Young House Love I found a pretty thorough tutorial on how to build a tufted ottoman by Kara Paslay. As in from scratch. The power tools intimidated me until I read the "Cut a piece of wood (or MDF) to the coffee table size of your choice, unless of course you are using your current coffee table to save some moolah." Oh but duh. Ok less scared now.

Now if only I could find a secondhand ottoman to tuft like on the site Peppertowne. Or a cute baby. No no ottoman! But the baby is pretty cute. OTTOMAN. Right. the difference between the before ottoman and the after is pretty amazing.

Officially my FAVORITE tufted ottoman DIY post comes from Jenny on Little Green Notebook. Gosh just admire this gorgeousness. THIS... THIS is the one I will be attempting first. Though I have no room really for a tufted ottoman. Or any idea where to put one. Considering this, I'm not sure when I will be constructing this beautiful ottoman.. never mind making others haha. I have no idea why I wrote that that's the one I'll be attempting "first". See this is why we need to move to a bigger apartment. So I can construct this ottoman and produce many similar ottoman babies. Do I even NEED to argue my case further?